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Rusterizer 1-gallon (Works great on porus surfaces like concrete)


Best product for removing rust stains safely and effectively



·         Safely and effectively removes rust stains from concrete; grout and mortar; stucco; stainless steel; most metals; wood; fiberglass; plastic; stone; bathroom fixtures including sinks, toilets and faucets; kitchen fixtures including sinks, faucets, countertops and stainless steel appliances

·         Even removes rust from fabrics, clothing or carpet without damage (in most cases)

·         Won’t damage chrome, stainless steel or painted surfaces

·         Non-toxic and bio-degradable solution.  Won’t harm the environment and is easy and safe to use

·         Cleans rust stains without wiping or scrubbing

·         Effectively removes rust from coffeemakers

·         Ideal for treating shower heads to build back full water pressure

·         Contains safe organic compounds which are safe to use around the house



Safe and effective product for removing rust stains from all kinds of materials and surfaces.  Simply spray on or soak until the rust is gone.  Rinse with water to remove rust stains without scrubbing.  Non toxic formulation means it can be used around the house on all kinds of rust stains.  This size is ideal to treat larger areas like concrete driveways or stone surfaces.   Comes packaged in a 1-gallon container for use on all kinds of materials safely and effectively.


Directions for Use

Depending on the size of the stain and the material to be treated, you can either pour some RUSTERIZER from the container into a spray bottle or apply with a sponge or rag.  Wait until the rust disappears and simply rinse with clean water.  If you treat any outdoor surfaces like a concrete driveway, it is a good idea to rinse the surrounding areas like grass, etc. with water after using the product.  If treating rust stains on fabrics, it is usually a good idea to test colorfastness in a small area first.


Availability: Usually ships in 1 to 2 days

Weight: 10lbs

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