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Rust Block Rust Inhibitor (Great for stopping corrosion while you are working on a project!)

Rust Block Rust Inhibitor (Great for stopping corrosion while you are working on a project!)
Rust-Block is a new product that will coat the metal with a non-sticky coating that inhibits rust from forming up to 6-months. Just like Evapo-Rust, Rust-Block is safe on all metals, biodegradeable and has no harmful fumes. Just spray on and when you're ready to paint or finish your metal item, just rinse off with warm soapy water or follow your normal paint prep procedures. Store your protected item indoors! This is a water-based product that will be rinsed off by rain/outdoor weather. Comes in a 16-oz. spray bottle. This product is proudly made in the USA.
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·         Helps prevent new rust from forming on treated parts for up to 6 months

·         Easy spray on application

·         Safe for all metals

·         No harmful fumes or odors

·         Bio-degradable formulation which won’t harm the environment

·         Packaged in a handy 16-oz spray bottle



For parts which have been treated with EVAPO-RUST to safely and effectively remove the rust, RUST-BLOCK coats the newly treated surfaces and helps prevent new rust from forming for up to six full months.  Comes in a convenient 16-oz spray bottle.  Simply spray the material over the part and it coats and protects the underlying metal.  Safe for all kinds of metals and it contains no harmful ingredients or fumes.  Since it’s biodegradable it won’t harm the environment either.  When you are ready to paint the part simply rinse off the coating and it is ready for finishing.


Directions for Use

Simply spray the RUST-BLOCK rust inhibitor on the surfaces to be treated.  Let it dry and it will form a protective non-sticky coating which can inhibit new rust from forming for up to six months.  When you are ready to finish the part, simply rinse off the part with water first and allow to dry.  It can then be finished with paint or other coatings as desired.  Once a part has been coated with RUST-BLOCK it should be stored indoors to avoid rain or other moisture affecting it since this will usually remove the protective water soluble coating.


Product Availability:  Generally ships within 1 to 2 days after receipt of order

Shipping:  Can only ship within the United States.  No International shipments

Shipping weight:  3 lb
Availability: Usually ships in 1 to 2 days
Weight: 3 lb

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