How to Remove Rust from your Evaporative Cooler

How to Remove Rust from your Evaporative Cooler

Do you use an Evapo-Cooler to cool your house or office? Have you ever noticed how rusty they get? Did you know that a rusty Evapo-Cooler does not work very well? This is because the rust plugs the water weep holes that allow the water to flow over the cooling pads. Evapo-Rust will remove the Rust from your Evapo-Cooler with very little effort. These instructions will show you how.

Step1: Make sure that the dirt and grime is cleaned off of the Evapo-Cooler. This can be done by using a mild dish washing detergent and a brush.

Step2: Install your Evapo-Cooler water pump. You only have to perform this step if it was un-installed for the winter.

Step3: Make sure that the fans power is disconnected. In most cases the fan can just be un-plugged inside the Evapo-Cooler.

Step4: Make sure that the bottom drain hole is plugged. You can either use an actual plug or the overflow pipe that normally comes with the Evapo-Cooler.

Step5: Fill the Bottom Evapo-Cooler water pan with Evapo-Rust.

Step6: With side panels on. Turn on the Evapo-Cooler. Only the water pump should turn on.

Step7: Let the Evapo-Cooler run overnight.

Step8: Drain the Evapo-Rust from the Evapo-Cooler by removing the drain plug. You will want to collect the used Evapo-Rust with a 5-gallon bucket.

Note: Since Evapo-Rust is re-usable you can store and use again next year.

Step9: Install drain plug.

Step10: Fill bottom water pan with water.

Step11: With all the side panels on. Run Pump for approx 30-minutes. This will rinse the Evapo-Rust off.

Step12: Remove drain plug and drain out spent Evapo-Rust residue.

Step13: Re-install drain plug.

Step 14: Connect water source to Evapo-Cooler.

Step 15: Connect Fan Power.

Step: 16: Install Cooling pads

Your Evapo-Cooler is now Rust Free and ready to use.

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