How to restore the bluing of a Firearm using Evapo-Rust

How to Restore the Bluing on a Firearm.

Before we begin with the directions you may ask: Why does Evapo-Rust remove bluing from my firearm?

Here is the answer...Bluing is actually a form of Rust. Bluing is actually called Black Oxide in Rust Removal Industry. Black oxide is very similar to the form of rust that we all normally see which is Red Oxide or Red Rust. The chemical makup of Bluing or Black Oxide is (Fe3O4) and Red Oxide or Rust is (Fe2O3). In sense, when you are bluing your gun you are using black oxide to protect your gun from red oxide!

Here are the directions for Rebluing your Firearm:

Note: Make sure you are in a well ventilated area.

Disclaimer: We assume no liablity on what can happen by following our directions. The user that is following our directions assumes all liablity for his/her actions.

Here is what you are going to need:

1. 1-Gallon of Evapo-Rust

2. A Plastic tub that is big enough to fit your firearm.

2. Re-bluing compound (This can be purchased from any gun store.)

3. Gun Cleaner (This can be purchased from any gun store.)

4. 0000 Steel wool

5. Oven

Now you can follow these steps to refinish your gun.

1. Make sure that your firearm is safely disarmed and disassembled.

2. Fill a plastic tub full of Evapo-Rust.

3. Place the metal pieces of your gun into the Evapo-Rust. This will remove all of the red oxide (Rust) and Black Oxide (Bluing) from the gun. You process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours depending on how thick the Rust is on the gun.

4. Remove the gun from the tub and clean with gun cleaner. You will need to re-dip the gun if you still see Rust or bluing on the gun. If you need to re-dip the gun go back to step 3.

5. Now make sure that the gun has a good surface for re-bluing by lightly rubbing the metal with the steel wool.

6. Pre-Heat the oven to its lowest tempature setting.

7. Place the metal parts of the gun into the oven for a short time to allow the metal to warm up. (It is best to apply the re-bluing compound to warm metal!)

8. Apply re-bluing compound to the metal parts of the gun using a clean cloth. Rub the bluing compound on the gun similar to the way that you would polish metal with rubbing compound.

9. Allow the intial process to dry. You may need to re-apply the bluing compound for your desired finish.

You have now re-blued your gun.


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