How to Remove Rust from your vehicles cooling system

How to Remove Rust from your Vehicles Cooling System

Note: You may have heard of Evapo-Rust's product called Cooling System Clean Out. In fact Cooling System Clean Out and Evapo-Rust are the same product.

Caution: Evapo-Rust is a water based product. It will Freeze! Make sure to follow these steps only when the temperature will be above freezing!

Caution: Evapo-Rust can cause your cooling system to leak if it is completely rusted through. We will not be held responsible for leaks that are caused from using Evapo-Rust to clean out your cooling system.

Libality Claim: R&E Enterprises LLC will not be held liable in any way for any damage that may occur from using Evapo-Rust to remove rust from your engine.

1. Drain Antifreeze from radiator. Make sure to dispose of anti-freeze in a enviromentaly friendly manner.

2. Flush anti-freeze out of cooling system with water.

Note: Anti-Freeze will cause Evapo-Rust to quite working if the cooling system has more than 20% anti-freeze in it.

3. Fill Radiator with Evapo-Rust.

4. Run car normally for a couple of days. Evapo-Rust can disolve the enough rust to cause holes in your cooling system. Make sure to watch your cooling system temp gauge and warning lights to ensure that your engine is not over-heating.

5. Drain Evapo-Rust.

6. Flush Evapo-Rust out with water. Keep flushing the system with water until system only has clean water in it.

7. Replace water with Anti-Freeze.

Your cars cooling system is now rust free!

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